I've found that one of the best wastes of time possible is reading webcomics. And if it weren't for webcomics, I never would have started making my own. So here is a list of webcomics I like. Enjoy.

This is the story of an ordinary girl who has become a witch with incredible powers, the Wotch. She spends her days going to school, having fun, transforming her best friends into girls, and saving the world.
A strange comic about a group of teenagers and the bizarre, often supernatural, situations that they face. Includes a continuing complex storyline with non-linear joke comics on the side. WARNING: Often ignores the laws of Physics.
The story of two americans, Largo and Piro, who suddenly (after distressing events at a gaming convention) decide to head off to Japan. It's only then that they realize that they do not have the money to get, and hilarity ensues.
\ Dominic Deegan is a a very gifted seer, who is blessed (or cursed, depending on how you look at it) with a sarcastic sense of humour. Along with his talking cat, Spark, he manages to get himself mixed up in the worst situations possible, including having to save the world (on more then one occasion).
The Order of the Stick is the story of a band of adventurers who go tranpsing through dungeons and across the countryside. Drawn using traditional stick figures, and continuously poking fun at D&D, every comic manages to make you laugh.
A webcomic about the Power Puff Girls? Am I mad? No, not with this great webcomic. Featuring plenty of fun cartoon characters, such as Dexter Boy Genius, Samurai Jack and, of course, the Powerpuff Girls (as well as many more), it presents a great story that's a joy to read.
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